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Writings of Eddie Askew


The writings of Eddie Askew have delighted friends of the Leprosy Mission for several decades.



A former international director of the Leprosy Mission, Eddie wrote and painted extensively during his lifetime.


Eddie traveled widely in service of the Leprosy Mission and his writings and water-coloured illustrations capture the the joy, hope, beauty and humour of  the many people he met during his travels.


Thousands of people enjoy using his prayers and meditations during their quiet times. Eddie’s books make delightful gifts, treasured by young and old alike.

Books may be ordered by phone from the Leprosy Mission at 011 440 6323 or by emailing


[Photo: Eddie and Barbara Askew displaying the MBE with which Eddie was honoured by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.]



“You are here in the world you made.
The living Lord.
Not sitting in the sky, remote, untouched.
But here, sharing it with me.”
Eddie Askew: If only things were different: Disguises of Love.

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