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The role of the Leprosy Mission



  • To teach the community:
    • The truth about leprosy.
    • The signs of leprosy.
    • The complications that can occur as a result of leprosy.
  • To support people with leprosy by
    • Motivating them to take treatment correctly.
    • Caring for their disabilities.
  • To help patients and their families overcome their fear and shame.
  • To support the family of a person with leprosy by:
    • Teaching them how to help the patient.
    • Teaching them about the disease.
  • To help the family overcome social, emotional, and spiritual obstacles that they are facing.



Our message to the community


  • Leprosy can be cured.
  • Do not fear it. Treat it.
  • Leprosy is not the result of a curse.
  • There is no need to isolate a person with leprosy.
  • People with leprosy who go untreated risk getting disabilities.
  • Leprosy is not highly infectious.
  • People with leprosy can stay with their families and remain active.

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