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Thank you for loving me enough to cure me of leprosy! Use your phone and the Snapscan image alongside to make your donation today. Online payment options now available below.




It costs R5 000 [$306] to cure her of  leprosy.
Set her on the road to recovery with your gift. 


Donation account:


Current account in the name of the “Leprosy Mission”

Bank: First National Bank, Balfour Park, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Branch Code: 212217

Account number: 51471056974


The Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is and electronic communication method used by banks all over the world to correspond with each other in a secure and standardised way. SWIFT transfers are secure, standardised, relatively inexpensive and extremely quick.


First National Bank’s SWIFT code is FIRNZAJJ


Many people choose to support the work of the Leprosy Mission by means of a monthly Debit Order [Direct Debit].


If you’d like to support the Leprosy Mission with monthly debit order, please download the Debit Order form at the link below:


Debit Order form Leprosy Mission


If you’d like to support the Leprosy Mission with a gift from your Credit Card, please download the Credit Card form at the link below:


Credit Card Form donation form Leprosy Mission


Debit Order and Credit Card forms should be sent to or mailed to P O Box 46002, Orange Grove 2119, South Africa.


Leprosy Defeated, Lives Transformed

Leprosy Symptoms

Leprosy mainly affects the skin and nerves. Early signs and symptoms of leprosy include: the enlargement of peripheral nerves near joints such as the elbow, sometimes accompanied by poor sensation and muscle weakness; and diminished sensitivity to cotton wool touch in a patch on the skin.

Leprosy can be cured

Leprosy can be cured with Multi-Drug therapy. Multi-Drug Therapy is supplied free of charge by the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development through the World Health Organisation.

Leprosy Mission

Founded in 1874, the Leprosy Mission works to defeat leprosy and transform lives in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ASK 2017 prayer guide

The free prayer guide for 2017 is available now. Phone 011 440 6323 or email

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