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Breaking the Rules


Breaking the Rules is one of Eddie Askew’s earlier books.


Widely read by supporters of the Leprosy Mission, this book has remained a firm favourite through the years.


This edition, reprinted in 1995, includes a foreword from Wendy Craig, who writes:


“Thank you Eddie for taking me firmly by the hand and leading me along new pathways of thought and insight into a richer knowledge and understanding of my life in Christ.”


In Breaking the Rules, Eddie explores a range of ideas and insights in which his artist’s eye plays a fascinating role. You won’t look a the world in quite the same way once you’ve  looked at through the eyes of Eddie Askew.


Similarly, his writings reveal an appreciation for the detailed observations in Scripture – those words and phrases that let us know that God’s Word was recorded for us by people who were eyewitnesses to the events they so faithfully reported.


However, it is probably Eddie’s candid honesty for which he is best known in his writings and there is no shortage of that in Breaking the Rules.


“It’s harder now, Lord,
since I’ve grown.
Harder to escape responsibility.
Yet still I try.
Still wrapped in self-deluding innocence,
I still look for a cause,
and find it,
deep in others,
and never in myself.
I stand with Pilate,
washing my hands of guilt,
and leaving it with others.”


As with all of Eddie Askew’s books, Breaking the Rules makes a delightful addition to your daily or occasional devotional reading. If you’re asked to share a devotional thought at one of your church fellowship meetings, you’ll find that your members will enjoy whatever you present to them from Breaking the Rules or anyone of Eddie Askew’s other books.


All of Eddie’s book make great gifts for friends and family.


Breaking the Rules sells for R80, excluding postage and packaging.


Eddie Askew’s books are available from the Leprosy Mission.


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