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How will my bequest help?

The Leprosy Mission employs people like nursing sisters and field workers to find and treat patients. Their work involves extensive travelling under arduous conditions, often in remote rural areas. Most of our income is spent on salaries and travelling costs.


We also produce and distribute educational materials. It costs R60 000 a year to keep a worker in the field. A set of pamphlets cost R5000. A new ambulance in the region of R90 000. Bequests play a vital role in helping us to meet these big expences. Your bequest will ensure that we are able to reach out to people in great need, bringing them lasting hope and healing.



You’d like to leave a bequest to the Leprosy Mission, but you’re not too sure how to word it? The following format is all you need to add to your existing Will to insure that your bequest reaches us safely.

This is a Codicil to the last Will and Testament executed by me

(your full names)

(date of present will)

I give and Bequeath the sum of
(and in words)



I give and bequeath _____________ percent of the residue of my estate to the Leprosy Mission
(Southern Africa), whose present physical address is 38 Tenth Road, Kew, Johannesburg and
whose present postal address is PO Box 46002 Orange Grove 2119 and whose present Executive
director id Mr. Petrus Johannes Laubscher and I declare that the receipt by the said Mission shall
be sufficient discharge in respect of such payment. In all other respects I confirm my Last Will and
In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand at _______________________(date)

on this the ___________day of ___________ 2___________in the presence of the subscribing
witnesses, all being present at the same time and signing in the presence of one another.


A Handy Guide to making a will

You’re never to young or too fit to plan for the future. Make a will today and enjoy peace of mind. This guide takes you through the process of making a will in five easy steps.


Take Control of your assets

You have spent a lifetime working hard for your money – don’t let someone else decide how to spend the hard-earned wealth after your death!


It’s natural not to think about death, but it’s an inevitable issue that we all have to face. If you put off the making of a will you don’t’ like thinking about death, you risk leaving the distribution of your estate in the hands of the courts.


We have wonderful judges, but they aren’t mind readers! Unless you stipulate your wishes in a clear, legal will, no one will know what they are, and your precious assets will be distributed according to a process dating back to the Roman Empire. You owe your investment of a lifetime more than that.


Some of your closest loved one’s cold be left-out in the cold, whilst people you hardly know may receive an unexpected surprise and one you certainly never have intended!


Make a list

You need a list of your assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe) when you start planning your will. Your bank manager can help you with this step.


Then you need a list of the people you want to benefit from your estate.


This will help you with the ‘who gets what’ stage of the process. For example, what hymns are to be sung at the funeral; who will take care of the pets?


The Benefit of having a will is greater that most people realise.

The benefit of having a will is greater than most people realise, as they give you control of many situations, leading to great peace of mind. It also makes things so much easier for your loved ones when they know that ‘Aunt Sandra wants the silverware to go to Grant’


You need professional help

Phone your bank manager. Now is the time for expert. Now is the time for expert, professional assistance and best of all it’s free.


You know what you have and you know who should get it. The time has come to put it all on paper.


Your friendly bank manager is the expert in such things. He has well trained assistants who will help you put all your wishes in into writing in the form of a valid will. Make use of these wonderful people. They are there to help you in a professional and confidential manner.


You must sign it.

Sign your will.


Your will is not valid until you have signed it in the presence of two witnesses. Sadly people often put off the business of signing a will as they are not really sure that is what they want’. Sign it any way. You can change it later. It may not be perfect, It may not be perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than having no will at all.


Safe Keeping

Make sure your will is in a safe place known to a trusted friend.

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